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Author Robert WeintraubOnce upon a time there was a writer named Rob…

Fairy tales aren’t my thing, but history sure is.  I’ve published two books about baseball, The Victory Season and The House That Ruth Built, and I’m about to sally forth with a new book about an extraordinary POW from WWII, a dog named Judy.  I’m extremely fortunate to live my dream of writing for a living, which includes not just the books but researched and reported pieces for the likes of Grantland, the New York Times, Slate,, SBNation, Football Outsiders, Columbia Journalism Review, Cincinnati Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, the Guardian, and countless others (and I’ve tried counting).

I am also a television producer with credits on dozens of programs and outlets, including ESPN, CNN, Discovery, ABC Sports, CBS Sports, Turner Broadcasting, Speed, Cartoon Network, Channel Four, TWI, Asia Sport Television, and many more.

I live in Decatur, GA, with my family.  I love the Cincinnati Bengals, The Wire, Jaws, and Calvin and Hobbes.  Follow my thoughts about these and other crucially important matters on Twitter, or e-mail with your feedback, requests, invitations, and recipes.